Cacao is considered to be the medicine of the heart and can help you powerfully move through pain or blocks around processing emotions, trauma, grieving and also fo general wellbeing. .

Some people report feeling calmer, clearer and lighter, as well as de-stressed energised and in better health after working with Cacao in sacred ways. I only use raw, ceremonial grade Cacao, homegrown and wild from where we hold ceremonies in the Amazon.

A Cacao Ceremony is a great way to get to know plant medicines and acquaint yourself with traditional Shamanic practices. If you’re considering coming to a dieta with us, this can be a good place to start.

Equally, if you are looking to integrate post working with other plant medicines, Cacao can be really supportive in that. 

Nancy has 20 years experience with serving this plant and guiding people on their journey. To book ceremony with Nancy, or purchase her home grown ceremonial Cacao, please get in touch.

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