Kambo is a non-psychedelic natural Medicine that can have a deeply profound and healing effect when worked with properly. Kambo or Sapo, is what we call the venomous secretion of an Amazonian Tree frog. To aid healing and wellness, it is applied in small doses to the skin. Over the centuries, the method has been passed down by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon to fortify, heal and revive the mind, body and spirit, and can be highly beneficial intreating a number of ailments. Kambo is known for helping with conditions including: addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, auto-immune issues, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, infections, fertility issues and rheumatism.

I only use Kambo directly from a secretive tribe in Peru. For centuries they have worked closely with this sacred animal, their reciprocal relationship is beautiful and profound. They will never hurt or distress a frog and only obtain the medicine in a humane way; by only briefly rubbing the legs then letting them go. It’s taken years to build a relationship with these deeply spiritual and connected people, I am honoured to have their blessing to use both their medicine and traditional methods when working with Kambo. An additional percentage of what I earn I give back to helping sustain and protect the tribe also. When you work with me, you are contributing towards this also.

I am fully insured to work with Kambo by Towergate, based in the U.K.


Warrior Medicine. Indigenous tribal people found many uses for Kambo on a physical and spiritual level. It’s used for sharpening the senses and strengthening the body before hunting; a remedy for venomous bites, such as snake bites; it’s used to counteract illness and increase fertility. Regular Kambo use is said to increase energy, prevent illness boost brain function.

Spiritually, it’s believed that Kambo removes negative energy, known as ‘Panema’. If we have too much Panema it’s said it will manifest into the physical realm as bad luck, poor mental and / or physical health and even laziness and a feeling of disconnection from others. Kambo, it’s said, will help people stay in good condition and live long and fruitful lives, free of Panema.


It’s said that once upon a time, the Kaxinawa tribe were deathly ill, even their Shaman, Kampu, could not heal them. He had tried everything but to no avail. He decided to make one last attempt to receive guidance and took himself deep into the rainforest to sit with the mother of all Plant Medicine, Ayahuasca.

Of course, she did not let him down. She showed him an intricate vision of the Sapo Frog and how to safely use their Medicine as a sacrament to heal the people of the village.

Kampu retuned to his people and followed the guidance of Ayahuasca to the letter. Of course it worked, and the Kaxinawa continue to live on today, grateful to Kambo, Ayahuasca and Kampu for saving their ancestors thus giving them life too.

After Kampu’s death, it’s believed that his spirit became one with that of Sapo and they live on together in this sacred Medicine, healing and helping people to stay healthy and strong, happy and abundant with vital energy.


While there is very little research in this area, indigenous people have used Kambo for centuries to heal many ailments and it’s certainly taking off in the West now too. There is a lot of modern anecdotal evidence to support the benefits of taking this medicine. Nancy has worked with many people who are more than pleased with the benefits of using this Medicine. She too uses Kambo regularly, as well as self-administering; she believes it’s helped to heal some of her own conditions – including fatigue, depression and physical pain.

Many people report Kambo having helped heal conditions including: addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, auto-immune issues, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, depression, diabetes, infections, fertility issues and rheumatism.


As with any form of medicine, there are a couple of contraindicated conditions / medications when it comes to Kambo. Nancy will go through all this before a Kambo treatment is booked because your safety, well-being and gaining the most out of a treatment are the top priorities.


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