Native to The Amazon rainforest, Bobinsana is usually served in the form of a tea. Nancy received a message in 2019 to bring Bobinsana to the western world, and offers this teacher plant as a sacrament as well as in other forms, such as tinctures and paste. Get in touch if you’d like to order or know more.

This generous and loving plant offers physical healing as well as restoring a sense of calm, space to reflect and grounding. This is an incredible heart opener; it’s believed that the spirit of this Bobinsana can provide comfort to those experiencing loss, heartbreak or grief. 

While not a psychoactive, many (including me) have experienced an opening to stronger connection with other realms, enhanced spiritual abilities and fortification of intuition while working with Bobinsana. Not commonly available outside of the jungle, this is your chance to experience sitting with this wonderful master plant teacher.

A Bobinsana Ceremony can be very supportive at any time in your life. This is a great way to get to know plant medicines and traditional Shamanic practices. If you’re considering coming to a dieta with us, this can be a good place to start because we offer Bobinsana on our 10 day retreats to help with the process.

Get in touch with Nancy if you’d like to work with Bobinsana.

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