These words have become widely used and misused and for clarity and context we want to explain to you what we mean when we use them. When we use the words Shaman or Curandero, we simply mean the people who mediate on behalf of the Plants and Spirits. Mediation means holding ceremonies and performing rites and rituals.


Many people have become consumed by fear and become disconnected from Nature, each other and their spirituality. However, we are in the middle of a global awakening. There is HOPE. We still have the opportunity to WAKE UP, to work together and to live beyond the illusions we have created for ourselves. 

​We believe there is more to life than consuming and dying. We believe that everything is alive and is energy that it is all connected. We believe each one of us has a vital part to play in the cosmic web of life; with our own higher purpose, each of us a vital piece of the puzzle. There is vital energy within us all and connecting us to each other, to plants and animals, and many answers can be found within ritual and ceremonial practices.

We know that together we can reconnect humanity to peace, compassion and consciousness. With that will come harmony, respect and sustainability – we just have to uncover the light and truth within each one of us. The wisdom of our ancestors and nature can guide us back to that place within. 


We want a humanity that is peaceful, compassionate and conscious; that lives in harmonious, respectful and sustainable ways on the planet. We strive to provide opportunities to manifest such a vision. 


Never cease striving to provide safe, authentic opportunities for self-discovery. We want to guide you home to yourself and help you become strong in standing in your sovereign power. May each one of us STAY AWAKE and serve our entire community of humans, animals, plants and spirits once more. Do not go back to sleep. 


Balancing the human and spiritual are our way of life. Integrating these parts are essential for a good life.

  • Protecting indigenous communities and natural spaces.
  • Respectful, responsible and sustainable plant and animal medicine use.
  • Human and animal rights.
  • Safety
  • Authenticity
  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Ayni (sharing and reciprocity) 

Each person who works with us has heard The Call, their personal call, to action. They live to serve the greater good in some way and to WAKE UP, RISE UP and STAY AWAKE, a living example to others of a better way of live that serves all. 

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