Shamanic Healing


These healing methods have been used for thousands of years to help people realign their energy and restore their natural balance in health and vitality. 

These healing spaces are intended to clear your energy so you can be restored, renewed and revived. Some people report feeling calmer, clearer and lighter, as well as de-stressed energised and in better health.


A shamanic healing session begins with a grounding exercise, followed by a chat about what’s going on and what I’m picking up for you. Then we move into a traditional Amazonian limpieza with shamanic tools; including natural perfumes made from plants, leaf bundles, chanting, rattles…. There’s a very long list of options. We may even go on a shamanic journey, it depends what you need to get you back into alignment. 

These sessions can be very helpful for integrating after taking plant medicines.

It is possible to incorporate plant medicines into a private healing session with Nancy.

You and your situation are unique, no two people require exactly the same treatment. Therefore we ask you to get in touch so Nancy can get an idea of what treatment you need before you book a private session. Nancy’s schedule is very, very busy so please bear in mind that you may need to go on a waiting list.


A great opportunity to work with an experienced Shamanic Practitioner Nancy. A Medicine Woman and therapist, Nancy’s Shamanic life began in her teens with the Kaxinawa while in Brazil, now lives in the Amazon working with sacred plants, holding plant and healing ceremonies. 

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