Arnaldo, Nancy and their assistants are trained and experienced to handle any situation that may arise. Working with Master Plants is very personal and unique experience, therefore the team ensure a close eye is kept on everyone in our care, at all times.

  • Experienced shamans and team
  • An application form and screening process for all participants
  • Detailed Safety Guidelines, Preparation and Post-Dieta Guidelines, and Terms and Conditions
  • Clear and and detailed information about contraindications
  • Details of what to bring to a dieta and travel plans
  • Ayahuasca prepared ritually and in a traditional way by our shaman, so we know excatly what is in the Medicine we are serving you
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited at all times

Thankfully, we have never had problem with the following, but it worth reiterating that certain behaviours will not be accepted and could result in being removed from a ceremony, retreat or dieta. our attitude towards each other must be one of respect and ‘first do no harm’. We simply cannot tolerate the following:

  • Abusive, insulting, bullying, threatening or harmful language or behaviour
  • Discrimination or judgement
  • If contraindications have been discovered that were not disclosed previously
  • Gossip
  • Use of alcohol or drugs

We deeply respect and care for the people who come and work with us. We want you to feel safe and cared for during what can be a demanding transformational and awakening process.

Before you book with us, we will ask for your signed confirmation that you have read and understood the information here. We will also ask you to complete a medical form and have a friendly video call with us. We are always happy to answer any questions and to welcome new and experienced people to join us in this sacred and beautiful work.

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