For most people Plant Medicines are completely safe when consumed correctly and with the care that we offer. We have not had any problems so far and we want to keep it that way. Here we are simply being transparent and clear with you so that we can offer you, and everyone we work with, the best and safest experience possible, minimising any potential risks.

We would love for you to think of these pages as an e-brochure for how you can help yourself to get the most out of your Plant Medicine experience and in the safest way possible. It’s a guide that you can always come back to for reference. Please take your time to fully read, understand and digest all of the information. These pages have been created for your safety, convenience, reference and to maximise what you can receive from attending a Sacred Plant dieta with Arnaldo and Nancy. We do need you to read and understand all of the information, but it is for your benefit and for the benefit of the group.



For majority of people, working with Plant Medicines and Ayahuasca is safe. However, as with all medicines, there are some contraindications. Therefore we have put together these safety guidelines that we all must observe to keep ourselves, and each other, safe. Everything we suggest is for your highest good, and the highest good of all participants.

The information provided here is by no means complete, which is why we will also have a video call with you before we can accept your application. This is to ensure we all know exactly where we stand before we embark on a beautiful journey together, working safely with the Plants.

For an Amazonian Curandero, it is preferred that you do not mix ANY substances or medicines because they could interfere with the Medicine’s work, and could create unwanted or harmful reactions. Therefore, for a safe and smooth experience, we are advising you to have as clean a system as possible when you join us, especially where food and medications are concerned. 

As with any medicine, working with Ayahuasca can have risks. It is necessary that you tell us about any medications you are taking, and / or any known medical conditions. For example, those that affect the heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas or any other part of you.

We advise having a system clean from all drugs and medications 2-4 weeks before working with Ayahuasca, the longer the better, and this includes over the counter drugs. We advise you to consult your doctor first if you are coming off any medications or drugs. This is for your safety. 

It is very important that your system is cleansed of any anti-depressant and psycho-pharmaceutical drugs 2-6 weeks before taking any Ayahuasca. If coming off these medications, you are advised to do this under the supervision of your doctor.

Although Ayahuasca has not been found to cause psychiatric disturbances, it can be harmful to those with pre-existing psychological conditions. Please inform us of any mental health problems in the past. 

When you work with us, we prioritise your safety and well-being. If any potential medical contraindications arise during the booking process, we will make further inquiries, for your safety and the safety of the group. 

We cannot advise you to receive plant or animal medicine when pregnant. 

Before you book with us, we will ask for your signed confirmation that you have read and understood the information here. We will also ask you to complete a medical form and have a friendly video call with us. We are always happy to answer any questions and to welcome new and experienced people to join us in this sacred and beautiful work.