Psychological Guidelines



Working with Plant Medicine will uncover hidden emotions and feelings. If you are on a state of severe trauma or depression we advise you to consult with your doctor and / or therapist before you apply to join us. If they have given you the go ahead, let us know your situation in advance.

Even if you have experience with Plant Medicines before, please leave your expectations behind. Every facilitator, every experience is different. Surrendering to what unfolds is the best position to be in because Plant Medicines rarely give you what you want, but they usually gives you what you need. As in life, expectations lead to attachment to ideas, which in the end only creates obstacles and misery.

It is important that you understand why you want to work with the Plants. Have a clear idea, but not and expectation, of what it is you believe you are seeking through this process.

When preparing emotionally, it is important to connect with yourself and be aware of your personal state and environment, the people you are surrounded with and the situations you are exposed to before your Plant Medicine journey. You might want to consider what makes you unhappy, feel triggered, what problems you might have, any traumas you want to overcome, what behaviours / habits / patterns are holding you back. We recommend journalling on this beforehand so that you can have as clear a head as possible, ready to do your work.

Consider your environment ad protect yourself for at least 2 weeks before you join us. Avoid violent or upsetting viewing, overwhelm, difficult / negative people and situations. It is ideal if you can get some time to yourself, be in nature, do things that you enjoy and that calm you down.

Before you book with us, we will ask for your signed confirmation that you have read and understood the information here. We will also ask you to complete a medical form and have a friendly video call with us. We are always happy to answer any questions and to welcome new and experienced people to join us in this sacred and beautiful work.