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I offer an online Shamanic Membership Community whereby you can access so much of what I have to offer as Shamanic practitioner, teacher and therapist.

​Each month on Patreon I put together a fresh package of podcasts, ceremonies, rituals, Shamanic teachings and tools for my Patreons to utilise the energy of the time to their advantage. By remaining conscious and keeping your energy clean and focussed, conditioning begins to fall away. Allow your true inner wisdom and light to rise and radiate! 

​I created a Patreon community space after 22 years working with Q’ero and Amazonian curanderismo / shamanism (these ancient healing traditions native to Peru)​ and a lifetime of learning and using European Magic. I wanted to create a space away from the noise of the outside world, social media etc. where people can come together in a safe space and benefit from each other’s teachings and experience and share their journeys and awakening stories. Here, we harness the power of nature and our own inner light to reconnect with our innate inner alchemist and transform ourselves through de-conditioning.
I want you to live well, abundantly and in flow with your life’s calling. 

I live between the Amazon rainforest, The Andean mountains and London U.K. Now I am a shamanic practitioner, teacher + therapist, helping people navigate their way through their awakening + healing process, using all of the tools in my toolkit. Living the nomadic life that I do, I received a message that creating an online community was a great way to share what I have with people who feel called to these ancient practices.

I know that we are all capable of alchemy, sometimes we just need a guide. So please, join us. Absorb the magic and share yours with us. 

When you join the Shamanic Heartspace Community your receive so much plus you get to give something back by helping to support free content (such as the podcast) and local, indigenous people. Thank you!


This service is perfect for people at any stage of their journey + for those who want to awaken / deepen their intuition. It is also great if you struggle to make time for yourself + stick to regular self-care practices, because each month you get to join us in a shamanic circle online + sit with what’s going on for you. You can clear anything that no longer serves you + invite in more of what you do want.

  • Channelled Energy Updates (similar to an astrological update)
  • Extended podcast episodes (exclusively for Patreons)
  • Energy Distance Healing (exclusively for Patreons)
  • Moon and other ceremonies to keep you on track / aligned 
  • Accessible audios and videos of my work 
  • Guided information and practical tips for getting back on track 
  • A private and supportive space to share with likeminded souls


I was born in Camden Town, London, U.K. Since birth my parents realised I was seeing and communicating with unseen forces. These gifts have stayed with me and, while it’s not always been easy, I’ve cultivated these skills to help me navigate life on earth while remaining connected to the divine and to help guide others to do the same. I’m very fortunate to do what I do.

Now I live between London U.K. and the Amazon of Peru with my Peruvian partner, an Ayahuascquero and Curandero (Shaman). We hold Master Plant dietas (retreats) together in the heart of the Amazonain rainforest of Peru.

If you’d like to come visit us for a dieta or to learn about serving plant medicine, please reach out!


Shamanic Heartspace was born out of a lifetime of self-healing and self-discovery. I created space on Patreon to give something back by sharing my experiences and skills, as well as being a conduit for other forces via channelling, and to create opportunities and spaces for people to heal, grow and connect together. 

Everything comes from love. I stand for respectful, responsible and sustainable use of plant medicines; harmonious, sustainable living; and human and animal rights. I support indigenous communities and preservation of the rainforest and natural spaces. I am especially passionate about protecting the Giant Tree Frog (where Kambo comes from). As the use of kambo grows, so does the mistreatment of this sentient, incredible and generous, loving creature. I have several projects in the pipeline to help protect the plants, animals and indigenous, and to educate humans about natural medicines and their proper and sustainable methods of use. Currently the world seems saturated with ‘have-a-go’ practitioners unwittingly causing more harm than good. I beleive everyone should have access to these methods, but in safe and sustainable ways. When you work with me, you’re helping support all this too. Thank you.


Each Moon Ceremony is accompanied by a new podcast episode and covers different areas of your life; supporting you in clearing stagnant energy and getting back on track. You receive tips and teachings on what natural resources can support you, as well as how to remain focussed and conscious. The information is channelled, taking you go on a shamanic journey to help you shed any conditioning and restore your energy, you’re also likely to receive some bonus activations or personal messages.

To find out more, or to join The Shamanic Heartspace community, check the button below (it will take you to Patreon). From my heart to yours, welcome to the community. See you at the maloca!

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