Patreon Subscription

Patreon is a subscription platform that connects content creators with supporters. It helps people to financially support and reward content creators — for example podcasters, writers, and Moon Ceremony curators (such as Nancy) — by singing up to a monthly subscription. 

Shamanic Heartspace offers two Moon Magic Ceremonies each month, plus you help to support free content (such as the podcast). These Moon Ceremonies can rally help you to get on track with yourself, and your life, allowing you to be a conscious human being.

Each ceremony covers a different area of your life and supports you in clearing that area and getting on track. The information is channelled and you go on a shamanic journey to help you shed any conditioning and restore your energy, you might even get some bonus activations or personal messages.

This service is perfect for people at any stage of their awaking and who want to work on their intuition. It is also great if you struggle to make time for yourself and stick to regular self-care practices, because each month you get to join us in a shamanic circle online and sit with what’s going on for you. You can clear anything that no longer serves you and invite in more of what you do want.

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