Moon Magic


Each Forever Alquimia Moon Magic Ceremony is designed to be restorative, healing slightly different, focusing on a new area of life and supported by the astrology of the time. Nancy provides a free podcast before each session with a channelled update on what’s happening with the energy, so we can navigate the time as effectively as possible. This can help you plan and make sense of what you’re going through on your personal journey. 

These are regular Moon Magic sessions are designed for you to restore yourself with the energy of the New Moon, Full Moon, astrology and energy of the time. Nancy opens the space with a shamanic ceremonial ritual before taking the group through grounding, then journal prompts, before leading a guided Shamanic Journey. This can really help you plan your life ahead of any curves, crucial at this time of great change when so many are having an awakening.

No prior experience necessary and everyone is welcome. 

Nancy’s Moon Magic Ceremonies are quite special according to Patreons and regular attendees, you can read the testimonials for yourself here. They feel very much like a 1-1 and because they are online you have the comfort of your own, sacred space to work in, allowing your process to be as deep as you want to go. You can dip into a Moon Magic Ceremony as and when you need a boost or some clarity, or you can make them a part of our regular practice as each session takes you to a new area of your life based on the Moon’s transit through the zodiac. Nancy is not an astrologer; the design has been gifted to her via channelled information which means each event is different.

Nancy is an experienced channeller, medicine woman and therapist living and working with Master Plants in The Amazon of Peru. Moon Magic Ceremonies are rooted in ceremonial practices; however, they are online and do not contain the use of psychedelics. 

La Luna reminds us that we too are cyclical beings. By strengthening our connection to nature, OUR nature (moon rituals are one way to do this), we can grow and restore ourselves regularly and rhythmically with nature herself. This creates harmony within, which inevitably ripples outwards bringing balance to other areas of your life and your relationships. Nancy welcomes you, with an open heart, to experience the magic for yourself. 


Intention setting, channelled energy interpretation, journal prompts, shamanic journey, activations.


A New Moon is usually a time to reset and renew, a good opportunity to set intentions for the cycle ahead. Nancy takes you through an astrological interpretation, channelled messages and a shamanic journey. 


A Full Moon is usually a time of peak energy and emotions; a good time to connect and ground ourselves. We usually check in with what we are grateful for, what we want to let go of and who we need to forgive in addition to the other aspects of the session.

Many people rely on these sessions as part of their regular practice to clear their energy, gain clarity, release what no longer serves them, and discover insights about themselves through Nancy’s powerful work. 


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• Bring an open heart and mind • Headphones are recommended • Writing materials • You are welcome to use cacao or your own medicines, sacred objects, candles etc.


You do not need to use the screen. When you enter the space your camera and will be defaulted to off to protect your process and anonymity. You just need to ba able to hear Nancy.

Once the ceremony has started, guests will not be granted access once 10 minutes has passed in order to protect the sacred nature of the circle, so please be on time.

Participant microphones will remain off to allow you to fully immerse yourself remaining undistracted.

This event is a sacred and safe space. Please arrive on time and sober to respect the participants and sacred nature of this work to receive maximum benefits.


A great opportunity to work with an experienced Shamanic Practitioner Nancy. A Medicine Woman, Alchemist, Creatrix and therapist, Nancy lives in the Amazon working with sacred plants and holding plant and Moon Ceremonies, as well as being a practicing therapist. 

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