June 17th 2023 + June 18th 2023

June 17th – £80

Ella and Nancy would like to invite you on a sacred journey into yourself, utilising the energy of the summer solstice to go within and illuminate your shadow. Re-emerge renewed and ready for your unique path.

Nancy is bringing her traditional Peruvian healing methods from Peru, Ella is bringing sound therapy and light movement. Together they will help you to clear anything that no longer serves you. 

This mini-day retreat will provide a space for you to clear away lower vibrational energies on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Rebirth yourself through these sacred practices, leaving with more strength and alignment for whatever lay ahead.

When combined, these sacred plants can open your heart and consciousness in profound and beautiful ways, to offer you guidance and deep healing. They can help you find and maintain your centre at a time where the world seems chaotic.

North West London, accessible via the tube, overground, bus, taxi and paid parking is available

June 18th – Gifts of The Feminine


Coinciding with the Gemini New Moon and just a few days before the Summer Solstice, this is an invitation to truly cleanse, open and awaken the Heart as well as deeply heal the physical body — weaving in a series of sacred plant ceremonies alongside a number of healing modalities. This is a unique, and one of a kind transformational journey of deep healing, and remembrance of the Gifts of the Feminine, held by Nancy @shamanicheartspace, Maria @saraswatisuniverse and Nina @yiflow.


  • opening circle + intention setting
  • embodied / awakening movement
  • crystal meditation + reiki healing
  • himalayan breathwork journey
  • rapé + sananga ceremony
  • shamanic drumming
  • movement + voice expression

— short break —

  • cacao + piri piri ceremony
  • shamanic journeying
  • crystal bowls + voice sound journey
  • sharing / integration / closing circle

    Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about the retreat and the practices listed here.

This for women only.

Please get in touch with us before booking if you have any health issues, are using any medication or natural remedies. These ceremonies are NOT recommended for anyone pregnant, breastfeeding, with very high blood pressure, allergic to chocolate, caffeine sensitive or taking SSRI’s.
Please contact us through Nina at if you have any questions.


This retreat will take place from 1pm-7pm on Sunday 18th June 2023


At Wonderful Things in London.
The closest stations are: Canning Town
Tube lines: Jubilee Line


Nancy El Amor is a shamanic curandera visiting the U.K. from the Amazon of Peru. With over 22 years of plant medicine experience, she’s trained with the Matses tribe, apprenticed under Maestro shaman and the spirits of teacher and master plants directly. She has a podcast and holds regular ceremonies in and out of the Amazon. She has very stong connections with the Master Teacher Plants. Nancy is also a therapist and teacher and will safely guide you on your journey of self-love, compassion and connection.


I am Usui Reiki Master/Teacher & Holy Fire Reiki II practitioner. I am also a Crystal & Sound Healer and Yin Yoga & Mindfulness teacher.

My living purpose is to dedicate my time and being to teach The Gift of Reiki-Ho, and guide those seeking clarity and harmony in their journey of self-healing through my holistic offerings.

Weaving in breath, movement, contemplation and sound, steeped in both wild and ancient wisdom, Nina is devoted to expanding the possibility for love and evolution in this life.

A certified Sattva Yoga, Tantric Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga & Mindfulness teacher, Reiki Practitioner as well as a Berklee College of Music graduate, Nina’s journey paired with her musical + multicultural background make the spaces she holds innately welcoming, deeply healing and transformative. Her work offers group workshops, women’s circles and monthly half day retreats in London as well as private events, corporates and 1:1 sessions.

No refunds available under any circumstances, however you may transfer your ticket to another woman if you can no longer attend.
You understand you will be undertaking a number of varied practices at your own risk. If anything doesn’t feel right, you are invited to stop and do what feels best for you. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns with what we will be practicing.

No experience is necessary. We will introduce ourselves before going on a shamanic journey with the plants, all combined in one sacred brew. I will serve you the pre-prepared brew, then you are invited to get comfortable and be led on a journey, not too dissimilar to a guided meditation. While the plant work their magic, with a little help from me, you just need to relax and receive, be open to what may come. Lastly, we open a sharing circle to complete the day.


These plant medicines can help you reconnect to your divine self and pave the way to make some big changes. Please make sure you read all of the information before booking.

A guided ceremony can help aid activations, connection and alignment provided by these sacred and loving plants. 


Cacao is considered to be the medicine of the heart and can help you powerfully move through pain or blocks around processing emotions, trauma, grieving and also fo general wellbeing.

Nancy grows and makes her own ceremonial cacao that is not available elsewhere. Cacao is well known for being full of antioxidants, serotonin, magnesium and theobromine, all adding up to helping the body on many levels! Long used by Peruvian natives, Cacao can help you dive deeply into any areas you want to heal.

Some people report feeling calmer, clearer and lighter, as well as de-stressed energised and in better health after working with Cacao in sacred ways. I only use raw, ceremonial grade Cacao from our plantation, where we hold all our Plant Medicine ceremonies, in the Amazon of Peru.


I use my own own, home-made Bobinsana, a plant that is a master and teacher in the Amazon, and not usually available outside of the rainforest.

This is your chance to experience sitting with this wonderful plant spirit. She not only offers anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, grounding, calmness, and a sense of peace, but also helps to clear away what isn’t serving you in the forms of beliefs, patterns and behaviours.

With her feminine energy, the spirit of this plant can provide comfort regarding matters of the heart and so much more. Bobinsana is also known for bridging a stronger connection with spiritual realms, enhancing innate abilities and refocussing / strengthening intuition.


Another ancient medicinal plant, the Blue Lotus brings many gifts in a ceremonial setting.

Like Bobinsana, Blue Lotus can also help improve sleep, lower anxiety levels, enhance mood and connect you to higher states of being. She is also known for her natural aphrodisiac, anti-bacterial, balance blood sugar and pain-relieving qualities. When consumed in large quantities mild hallucinations can occur, but you will not be reaching these amounts in this ceremony, you’ll receive exactly the right dose to be able connect with the spirit of the plant to go on your personal journey.

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