Master Plant Dietas


“Arnaldo and I combine the best of our knowledge in authentic Andean and Amazonian Shamanism to support you in your healing, re-remembering and reconnection journey. We cannot wait to warmly welcome you.” – Nancy


There are certain medicines that work together. Tobacco for example, will always be used in ceremony. However, we believe that it is important to not take too many Medicines at once.

Too many Medicines consumed in a short space of time can lead to confusion and rather than activating a personal healing process. This is because these Medicines are spiritual teachers with their own ‘style’ / ‘voice’. It would be unusual for a person to work with more than one ‘Guru’ at a time, for example, so why would this be any different? This is important to bear in mind especially if you are new to working with any particular Medicine or Plant. We need to be a clear channel to receive the teaching, wisdom and healing that the Medicine wants to share with us; you can’t understand a radio station if you’re plugged into different frequencies.

However, we may provide opportunities to incorporate additional Plant Medicines, if required, to support your process. This can include Medicines such as Sanango, Rapé, Sananga or Kambo, to name a few. These can assist in going deeper with you work, releasing blockages and re-activating your innate self-healing powers, but only where appropriate.

We would love for you to experience Nature and the Master Plants in ALL their glory, with us. You are invited to do your work and celebrate life with us!


We get together as a group to get to know the rest of the wonderful people who you will embark upon this journey of a lifetime with. Nancy and Arnaldo will take you through the process ahead, answer your questions and make sure you feel safe and at ease. We eat together and orientate for the trip to the heart of jungle in the morning. 


We will leave Pucallpa early in the morning and upon arriving at the sacred site in The Amazon, we will eat together and open the dieta.

You will be brought to your own, beautiful living space, known as a tambo. Here you will have your own place to eat, sleep and process in solitude within the embrace of The Amazon.

During the evening, the group will gather together for a sacred flower bath to cleanse and dispel any heavy energy

DAY 3 

The following morning the whole group will gather in the sacred Maloca for an Amazonian Tobacco initiation. This will cleanse you of heavy energy and give you energetic support and protection for your process ahead. 

That night, we will have the first Plant Medicine ceremony in the Maloka. 

DAY 4 

Anyone who wants to work with sacred Kambo medicine will meet early in the morning for a Sapo Ceremony.

That evening everyone will meet in the Maloca for Ayahuasca.


The next three Ayahuasca Medicine ceremonies will take place every other day throughout the remainder of the dieta.

During the Dieta, you will be given a pot of plant tea to drink daily. This will connect you with the Plant Spirits which will support your healing process.  

Don Arnaldo and Nancy will visit you during the dieta to check in on your process.

Weather permitting, we will visit the stunning river and surrounding waterfalls during the dieta. I remember my first experience in the clear waters there, I never felt so clean before that moment. We always aim take a walk to visit some of the Master Plants growing in their natural environment, so you can meet them and offer some love and for all they bring us.

Day 10

Our 5th and final ceremony of the dieta is held in the morning and always feels like a celebration of liberation! You will have uncovered so much, some expected some a surprise! 

After, we will officially break the dieta by receiving a spoonful of a traditional Peruvian recipe to mark the closing of a dieta, followed by a delicious meal together in celebration for our lives and for facing our challenges.

For the final part of the dieta, Nancy and Arnaldo will explain what’s required post-dieta to help you get the most out of your experience and to make the changes last once you get back home. 

Day 11

We set off early to return to Pucallpa and take our magic back out into the world. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to leave behind the constraints of the modern world. Tap back into your spiritual strength by going back to basics and connecting with our mother Earth. It’s amazing the peace that comes with living in harmony and the realisation that we don’t need much at all to live perfectly well. 

The dieta centre is home to a traditional native community, 20 minutes by river from the closest town. The area is beautifully untouched and rustic, a haven, isolated and nestled in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. 

The vast, natural space where we hold dietas is captivating and woven together by pathways and bridges through the giant whispering trees. The site contains of a beautiful and sacred Maloka, a kitchen / dining area for use at the beginning and end of the dieta, and individual tambos distanced apart for privacy. 

​The sleeping / living accommodation has been designed with nature in mind. You will be immersed in sounds and smells of the jungle, and incredibly soothing and healing experience. Each tambo has its own private, natural, compost toilet. The rustic tambos are pretty and include only what you need:  a bed, bedclothes, mosquito net, hammock, bucket for collecting river water to wash, table, chair, set of drawers, drinking water, toilet paper and candles. There is no electricity, internet, phone connectivity, or running water. Since chemical products are not permitted on dieta, you will be given aromatic, healing leaves for washing yourself with in the clean, clear, healing waters of the river.

​A big part of the dieta process requires following a special diet. This is essential for the safety and success of your dieta. You will be served two meals a day in your tambo. This will include only food such as: quinoa, plantain, avocado, eggs, carrots, rice and potatoes, occasionally chicken or fish. Meals will not contain: oil, salt, sugar, spices, dairy or red meat. All the food is prepared daily from fresh, organic, local sources. 

The dieta is officially closed with eating together. First each person is given a spoonful of a traditional recipe for ‘breaking diet’. This is followed by sharing native Peruvian meal together. Conversations full of gratitude, laughter and joy are usual. People tend to take the opportunity to give thanks for how much they appreciate now, having taken so much for granted before, seeing themselves and others in a new light since taking this ‘right of passage’ by way of a dieta.

Please let us know if you have special dietary requirements when applying to join us on dieta. 

  • Pre-dieta instructions and safety guidelines
  • 1-1 with Nancy or Don Arnaldo prior to dieta (usually online)
  • Travel to and from retreat centre in the jungle, as a group
  • 1 flower bath
  • 1 Tobacco initiation for cleansing and protection
  • Master Plant tea
  • Smudging
  • 5 Plant Medicine ceremonies 
  • Healing and cleansing rites and rituals during each ceremony, including sacred perfumes. 
  • Rapé servings during ceremonies
  • Opportunities to share in circle at appropriate points throughout the dieta
  • Visit to the local waterfalls / walk to meet the Sacred Plants (weather permitting)
  • 11 nights / 12 days accommodation in the jungle
  • 2 nights in Pucallpa (1 prior and 1 post dieta)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in pucallpa
  • Meals during the dieta
  • Pick-up at Pucallpa airport
  • Post-dieta instructions and guidelines
  • 1 group integration session online, post dieta


  • Flights / travel to and from Pucallpa
  • Accommodation before and after the dieta (with exception to days outlined above)
  • Optional Extras (e.g. Kambo, Sananaga etc).
  • Expenses and meals outside of the dieta
  • Travel insurance
  • Healthcare expenses (if needed)
  • Peruvian Visa (if applicable)

OPTIONAL EXTRAS – update coming soon


Duration: 12 Days
Location: Pucallpa, Peru




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