Curandero Arnaldo

Curandero Don Arnaldo El Condor holds Plant dietas with Nancy in Peru. He was born in The Amazon rainforest with a lineage from the mountains of Peru.. From a very young age he had the calling to work with Sacred Plants, especially Ayahuasca. He didn’t go looking for it, it found him. You might say it was in his blood…

He came from very humble beginnings and spent time as a child observing the work the local curanderos. His inquisitive and sweet nature meant that they welcomed him and taught him what they knew, often commenting that he would grow up to be a shaman due to his spiritual and physical strengths.

A little later in life Don Arnaldo ventured to Pucallpa looking for work. Fate had her way and Don Arnaldo became a student to the great Plant Maestro Don Jose Campos. Day and night, for many years, Arnaldo was a dedicated student to his mentor. He learned much more deeply about what his heart had always dreamed of doing – how to work with Sacred Plants for healing. Soon the Plants were giving him songs and working through him in powerful and profound ways.

For Don Arnaldo, God created the Master Plants to help and teach humans. He sees that we all have our problems, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. There is a great sickness amongst humanity right now and the Plants will help us grow back towards the light once more. He wants nothing more than to serve Plants in Sacred ways, valuing resect and humility above all else. He believes that we are all teachers and we are all students, no one is above or below another.

He wants to share what he knows about Medicine, and his generous spirit touches the heart of all that encounter Don Arnaldo.

“Many blessings to each of you who read this. This is my little story and little by little you will get to know more about me, as I will about you. God bless you.” – Don Arnaldo El Condor

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