Mid-November Energy Update


There’s a slight change to Moon Ceremonies. Instead of having a detailed rundown of the astrology at the beginning of each ceremony, I’ll be releasing a podcast episode ahead of each event with all the channelled astrological and energetic information there. This way we can focus on the shamanic journey and restoration in the ceremonies, and you’ll have the podcast to refer to throughout the whole cycle should you want to.


Let’s jump in! Batten down the hatches… A lot is going on… If you didn’t listen to the 1111 meditation, listen to it here. It’s not too late, you can use it any time you’d like and it can help calm you if you’re feeling wobbly.

The Beaver’s Moon is the full moon in November. It gets its name from beavers taking shelter in preparation for the winter ahead. 

It’s also called the Frost Moon because it signalled temperatures beginning to drop for winter. 

A partial lunar eclipse is when part of the moon enters Earth’s shadow. The shadow is very dark on the side of the moon that we  can see from Earth. For this November’s Beaver Moon partial lunar eclipse, 97 percent of the surface of the moon will be covered by the Earth’s shadow. That’s a big deal in energy terms. 

Eclipses were a huge deal to our ancestors. The sun suddenly turning black or the moon turning red is enough to make people question things… but they do actually remain significant in astrology terms. 

No coincidences, right?

Eclipse energy is considered intense, volatile. A time for deep introspection and it’s likely that consequences from actions passed will come home to roost. It’s not a great time for manifesting because everything is pretty unstable. 

However, it is a good time to rummage in your shadow and clear out some junk! 

Know how to soothe yourself in case you get caught up in any eclipse driven chaos, but try to embrace the abundant opportunities for growth. 

More on this on my upcoming podcast and I’ve got my usual Moon Magic Restoration Ceremony happening on November 18th. 

I’d you’re a patreon subscriber Moon Magic Restoration Ceremonies are included (thank you, loves)!


It’s time to get clearer the ever before about who you are and where you want to go. Where are you investing your energy?

There’s a strong energy of independence and trying to remember to be kind   to others in your pursuit of sovereignty. This is a time that can provide another catalyst to expedite your growth. 

It’s possible you’ll be looking into your feelings around safety – who and what makes you feel safe? As the noise continues into 2022 we want to be sure the people around us ‘get us’ and won’t let us down. 

Some longer term realisations and learning could be coming full circle now. Stare that beast in the eyes, dig deep and pull everything out from under the  proverbial bed now. YOUR LIFE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You might feel done with something that you couldn’t let go of or get rid of, but bite the bullet so it doesn’t come back to bite you later. 

So this could be an uncomfortable turning point if you’re still thinking that life is happening to you. Own it. You are the creator and it’s time to take radical responsibility.

It’s time to own everything. When others bugging you, own it. Ask “why is this bothering me? Do I do this? Why do I put up with this? Do I secretly think I deserve to be like this or be treated like this?” etc.

Try be kind to yourself, honour yourself, your space at the same time as meeting your responsibilities.


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