Scorpio Season

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Scorpio new moon on 04/11/21 is opposite Uranus, indicating a struggle for independence. You might find that you want to explore and express yourself more. 

There’s potential for disorder: sudden, unexpected changes may arise. Keep an open mind and look for the opportunities in the chaos. Uranus can also make people distant and impulsive, possibly leading to breakups.

Mercury sextiling Venus comes to the rescue; helping bring people together and find peaceful disputes. Could be a good time to get business negotiations moving.

A new moon brings potential for a new beginning. Always an excellent time for making a fresh start or starting a new project. You can also investigate changing old habits, behaviours, and beliefs as you look for opportunities to grow.

A New Moon opposite Uranus might create an urge to try new and exciting ways to live life to the max. You could feel more rebellious, seeking to explore and express your unique individuality and personality!

This kind of energy may bring up anxiety, anticipating something new on the way. With possible sudden changes and unexpected encounters, you could be left with feeling unsettled. Unusual behaviour or a radical change of heart in someone close to you may cause stressful thoughts or feelings around love.

Take deep breaths and remember that you can adapt to change. This will help you feel more connected and grounded. 

Try to keep an open mind because exciting opportunities may arise from any changes that offer a better way forward.

Try to go with the flow of the new, listen to your inner rebel. This is electric and spontaneous energy that we don’t want to turn into destruction: arguments or separation may result from impatience or unwillingness to adapt.

Mercury sextiling Venus does bring an element of harmony and reduce stress. If you take charge of your emotions and thoughts this transition will be easier to navigate. 

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Wishing you the best of the best for a great Scorpio Season!  And if it’s not great it’s ok, learn something then have a great time.

Okay, love you! Keep riding the waves because you got this!

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